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Liza Dey

Liza Dey

New York, NY


A native New Yorker, I grew up in the East Village and lived in the Hellís Kitchen/Clinton neighborhood of Manhattan for over a dozen years. After beginning to study photography formally in high school, I attended Fordham University-College at Lincoln Center, where I majored in Theatre and minored in Photography. Following college I pursued a career as a dancer and actress in New York, while continuing to photograph the city I love and the surrounding countryside.

When a chronic knee injury ended my dance career around 1992, I began pursuing photography full-time. While always continuing to photograph the cityscapes, landscapes and still-lifes that originally drew me to photography, for nearly a decade I spent the majority of my time photographing the increasingly popular sport/art of figure-skating. A fan of the sport since high school, I often spent much of September thru May attending one of the many competitions or exhibitions throughout the Eastern U.S.; during this time I was a regular contributor to many skating publications, as well as to event programs and several books on skating. Both my figure-skating and my scenic work has qualified me as a three-time finalist in the annual Photographer's Forum's 'Best of Photography' competition. I've also shown my work in exhibits at the Times Square Lobby Gallery in New York City.

In the early 2000s, with the decline of interest in figure-skating, I returned to my original interests of shooting landscapes, cityscapes, still-lifes and wildlife/animals. These days, in addition to Fine Art America, I sell my work thru two online shops on Zazzle
(THE FLYING PIG GALLERY, featuring t-shirts, stationery, home goods & gift items:*;
LIZA DEY FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, featuring fine art wrapped canvases, photographic prints and posters and blank cards:*).


Manhattan Municipal Building Tower by Liza Dey


Manhattan Municipal Building by Liza Dey


Flatiron Corner by Liza Dey


Flatiron Building by Liza Dey


Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower by Liza Dey


New York Life Insurance Tower by Liza Dey


'Madison Square Towers' by Liza Dey


Empire State Building Tower by Liza Dey


Empire State Building by Liza Dey


'Chrysler Building Detail' by Liza Dey


'Chrysler Building' by Liza Dey


'42nd Street Contrasts' by Liza Dey


'Rockefeller Center and Atlas' by Liza Dey


'30 Rockefeller Center' by Liza Dey


'Childs Restaurant Detail' by Liza Dey


'The Coney Island Bowery' by Liza Dey


'Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs' by Liza Dey


'Parachute Jump Close-up' by Liza Dey


'The Wonder Wheel' by Liza Dey


'Wonder Wheel at Twilight' by Liza Dey


'Spring Blossoms' by Liza Dey


'Cherry Blossom Abstract' by Liza Dey


'Autumn Fire' by Liza Dey


'Black-Eyed Susan Field' by Liza Dey


'Cloud Landscape' by Liza Dey


'Subway Solar' by Liza Dey


'Christmas Abstract II' by Liza Dey


'Christmas Abstract I' by Liza Dey


'Shadow Lines' by Liza Dey


'Sidewalk Shadows' by Liza Dey


'Shadows and Stripes' by Liza Dey


'Crack'd II' by Liza Dey


'Crack'd I' by Liza Dey


'Golden Pebbles' by Liza Dey


'Into the Light' by Liza Dey


'Light on the Water' by Liza Dey


'Moonscape Beach' by Liza Dey


'Tumbled II' by Liza Dey


'Tumbled I' by Liza Dey


'Winter Abstract' by Liza Dey


'Ghostly Pilings' by Liza Dey


'Red Wall Abstract' by Liza Dey


'Post No Bills' by Liza Dey


'Lichen Abstract' by Liza Dey


'Pipe and Tile Abstract' by Liza Dey


'Brick Abstract II' by Liza Dey


'Paving Stone Abstract III' by Liza Dey


'Paving Stone Abstract II' by Liza Dey